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8 500 7 500 6 500 5 500


Equipped weight 320 kg
Seat height 640 mm
Lenght 2 390 mm
Brakes front/rare 1 disk/1 disk
Fuel tank capacity 18,9 l
Engin type Twin cam 96
Engine volume/power 1584 сm3
Manufactured in 2012
Class street
Comfortable cruising speed 120-140 km/h
Winshield Yes
Saddlebags Yes
Audio No
Grips heating No

Rental from: 5 500 RUB


The same motorcycle on which the Terminator traveled. Fat boy was published in 1990 and immediately became a legend. Preliminary orders for him were so many that instantly formed a queue for 2 years ahead. The "fat guy" definitely attracts attention on the road: the original shape of the rudder handle and the saddle make the motorcycle and pilot look like a single whole. On this motorcycle you will be envious of the whole stream.