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Daytime* 1 day 2-3 days
(per day)
4-7 days
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8-29 days
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30 days and more
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9 000 12 000 11 000 10 000 9 000 8 000
* The daily rent implies the return of equipment until 18:00


Equipped weight 379 kg
Seat height 678 mm
Lenght 2 450 mm
Wheelbase 1 625 mm
Width between grips
Brakes front/rare 32 mm 4-piston fixed front and rear caliper
Fuel tank capacity 22,7 l
Engine type V-twin
Engine volume/power 1690 cm3 / 86 hp
Manufactured in 2014
Class track
Comfortable cruising speed 120-140 km/h
Windshield Yes
Saddlebags Yes
Audio No
Grips heating No

Rental from: 8 000 RUB


HD Road King is ideal for long trips: comfortable landing, reliable protection from wind, roomy trunks and a good power reserve. Road King is a serious solid motorcycle-legend. He is cramped in the city, he does not like to maneuver on narrow streets clogged with cars. But on the country road the King of the Road feels freedom and willingly demonstrates all his power and strength. Reliability, thoroughness, good handling increases the level of confidence in driving and driving safety. The simplicity of the design allows not only to easily understand the motorcycle on its own to a person who is not accustomed to understand the technical part, but is also considered an advantage in eliminating roadside problems.