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6 000 5 000 4 000 3 100


Equipped weight 247 kg
Seat height 660 mm
Lenght 2250 mm
Brakes front/rare 1 disk with ABS/
1 disk
Fuel tank capacity 9 l (increased volume)
Engine type Evolucion
Engine volume 1200 cm3
Manufactured in 2014
Class street
Comfortable cruising speed 100-110 km/h
Windshield No
Saddlebags Yes
Audio No
Grips heating No

Rental from: 3 100 RUB


Many people mistakenly believe that Sportster family bikes (or Sporty as fondly called by its owners) are for beginners or girls and they are entry-level Harleys. In fact it is quite "adult" motorcycles with a special character and unique charisma. Not for nothing that customizers from all around the world often use them as a donor bikes. Sporty is reliable and unpretentious and excellently driven. It is difficult to overheat Sporty and its transmission is reliable as Kalashnikov. Herewith it weighs significantly less than its "big" brothers and because of this it is possible to consider Sporty as the optimal bike to start learning with the HD models variety.
In general, the model is available already from 1957. And during that time it has been improved and brought to perfection to our mind.
Sporty is indispensable in the city, thanks to its maneuverability and dimensions. And it should be noted that the Sportster is popular among the beautiful half of bike society part not wishing to ride only on the second seat.